Diary of A Dynasty Rebuild – Pt.1 “Making the Right Call?”


     I’ve been a dynasty owner for well over a decade, to date me i’ll say we were doing dynasty before MFL was the big deal it’s become (but jumped on board with them in 2006, because they’re awesome)! When I first jumped into dynasty, I hit the ground running, making deals that helped me get to two championship games in a row. And over the years, I’ve stayed competitive but never quite hit the pinnacle again. The issue I’ve come across is that I lived in the mindset of “retooling” over “rebuilding”, with the thinking that i’d make a couple of moves and be back in the big game.

     The bottom dropped out last year, two weeks before the championship game and I am pumped, my team is giving me the warm fuzzies, this is my year! boy was I wrong, Fitzgerald left me hanging, Marshall was meh and my team fell apart on me. I went with an older squad, before the season I made a move to add Eli and Brandon Marshall, to throw in with Crabtree, Fitzgerald, Bernard, Hillman, and all worked well for me all year long…

     Fast forward a week, a long, sad week of looking back, pondering the what-ifs and thinking about what I could have done differently. I have one guy (who doubles as my cousin in real-life) that I talk to about all things fantasy, and just talking through do I keep trying to retool my roster, move some of this age to go more youth or vice versa. All offseason I’ve been working on my research, listening to the big dynasty podcasts (shout out to football guys, dynasty nerds and UTH as by far the best), reading any/all info I can as always about these upcoming rookies, same as I do any year. My encouragement to you is if you are having these thoughts you may want to really consider rebuilding, have a good mix of young and old is great but if you’re having these thoughts it may be time to make your fantasy team great again! (by starting over).

     Fourth of July weekend rolls around, enjoying an extended weekend with family, friends and all my nutty neighbors blowing of fireworks while my kids try to sleep (you know what I mean parents of young kids!). That is the weekend it hit me, that I really needed to hit the reset and try to fix this team the right way. Started talking to some of the other owners, get a feel about how they are feeling about their teams and hey, what about my guys, any they want, feel good about and that’s when the floodgates opened. 11 trades later, I’ve got a bevy of picks over the next 3 years spread out fairly evenly and hopeful my diligence with preparation helps me come draft day.

     Gone are any stars on my team, Gio, Eli, Tannehill and as many others as I can (see transactions below), and now the fun begins of trying to rebuild a roster and luckily enough I have other Dynasty leagues with value because this will take time. This will be the 1st time in many many years of Dynasty that I’m at the very bottom, and oddly enough just as excited about the year with hopes of finding draft gems and pieces to make a contender in the long haul! Hopefully these posts will encourage, help, or at least entertain as you laugh at the trials and tribulations of my dynasty team! Thanks for stopping by and good luck!


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