Diary of a Dynasty Rebuild – Pt.2 “From the Ground Up!”


You can’t get to a beautiful, fruitful Dynasty team without some bumps in the road…

I’m committed, I’ve moved every viable piece and started from the very bottom (my best player at this point is Josh Brown…yes the kicker…). Next up on the list is putting together a plan of attack (which if you’re a dynasty owner should be a year-round process anyways), from that moment on how am I going to right the ship and make it rain championships!?! Looking at the landscape of the league (standard scoring ish), and basically 26 roster spots (23 and 3 Taxi Squad) tells me I have alot of work to do! 9 picks in this draft and way more than 9 holes to fill, what I have to hope is in free agency after the draft I find a few gems that either are A. Long term solutions (less likely) or B. can be flipped at the deadline for more tickets in the future (more likely).

It all depends on your type of league obviously, which positions you weight as more valuable but from the ground up in an established league you have to start with your QB. In this draft at least we have a few options with potential.

Jared Goff – QB LA Rams: Poor Jeff Fisher, never seems to have a ton of luck with quarterbacks, but wait there’s a shiny new toy to save a much maligned offense in their new home! By far the most intriguing QB in my eyes, 21, exceeds the eye test and has all the skills you want in a QB but can he be relevant with minimal talent at WR? unfortunately you don’t get any points for successful hand offs…(point scoring way of the future?). Carson Wentz – QB Philly: What can you say, small school QB with great measurables, faced meh talent in college but can he make it in the pros? Same goes for Paxton Lynch – QB Den, another guy that looks the part but can he make it in the big leagues? Fantasy Football, much like real football is a crap shoot, you never know what you are going to get no matter how great a player looks.

The next big question is how many to draft? well I want to come out of this draft with my two qb’s at least that will be starters, so I’ll have to work to make that happen but know that it may not either, I want to take the best available (but probably no RB’s this year unless the unthinkable happens). So this draft will be mostly QB’s and WR’s and hope that some pan out.

I spend all offseason deliberating but in the end how do I make the best draft choice to make my team a winner?!? do you use analytics? film study? gut feeling? after over 10 years I still have the same feelings come draft day, the questions about the guys players I’ve fallen in love with, second guessing the entire year of work and ultimately coming back to my “board” to determine where I go in the end. If you’re new to Dynasty, do your due diligence but don’t be afraid to listen to the podcasts, check out the fantasy sites, follow your favorites on the social medias to get a feel for what people are seeing and hearing (that probably make more money at it than we do!).

I take alot of pride in knowing that, in the end of the day no matter what I listen to and what I read that I made the choice for my team, good bad or otherwise I am the final say in who’s on it and not. I encourage you to do the same, don’t take other word on a player only, you have to make the call so do your homework and be as prepared as possible to make that call come draft day!

And in the end, remember it’s just a game, a way for sort of like minded people to have fun enjoying football in a deeper way, so be a good owner!

and shave…just not like this…





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