Diary of a Dynasty Rebuild – Pt.3 “Moving and Shaking”


So we’ve come past the draft, and we are now a quarter of the way into the year so you’re probably thinking “What’s the 1st quarter looked like?” well I’m 0-5, but put up many more points than I was expecting with my team. I’ve made many many trades, and probably many more trade offers, as well as competed my 1st rebuild draft.

The interesting thing at the draft was that, my strategy changed based on how the board was falling after round 2. In round one, like I mentioned in my other post I decided to get my QB’s in the 1st, taking Goff and Lynch (though I liked wentz, i just couldn’t pull the trigger on him which looks to be a bonehead move now lol). In round two I took my tight end in Hunter Henry, whom I was a big fan of from the beginning. After that I had no 3rds as I traded to move up to get henry but the interesting thing is in the 4th and 5th rounds I changed my strategy to try and cause the other owners grief.

As a 16 team league, you can only have two kickers, so already having Josh Brown, knowing that I took Josh Lambo, Andrew Franks and Jason Myers with the thinking that those 5th round kickers will get me future 2nds when i throw them on my taxi squad and let an owner have them at their kickers bye week. The interesting thing, is that I haven’t had to do that, as I’ve been able to swing them in other trades even before hand. One owner offered me Derek Carr so I traded Lynch, the Kicker myers and a 1st for him which now gave me a nice QB for the future (which I’ve already traded ha ha).

At this point I’d like to stop and warn on the fact that trading just to trade will get you nowhere in dynasty, or any fantasy for that matter. Be sure you think through the ramifications of the deal, and even try things like tagging your favorite dynasty guys on twitter, to get their feel (My go to is @DynastyNerds, always very well thought out responses and super nice guys!). I also check the trade calculator and if i’m really thinking hard on it my gut tends to be the last line of defense before I hit accept/reject.

Since the draft I’ve made 5 trades, 1 of which was pilfering another owners taxi squad because I like Leonte Caroo. After trades, the draft and free agency after the draft (we don’t allow waivers or free agents during the season, only the night of the draft can we add/drop at will). My roster looks like so:


QB – Jared Goff, Marcus Mariota

RB – Gio Bernard, James White, Kenjon Barner, Andre Ellington

WR – Leonte Caroo, Philip Dorsett, Justin Hardy, Marqise Lee, Ricardo Louis, Chris Moore, Cordarrelle Patterson, Demarcus Robinson, Mike Thomas (LA), Robert Woods and Kendall Wright

TE – Charles Clay, Hunter Henry

My goal in the draft and free agency was to load up on young WR’s that have potential, if you ask about Robert Woods, we had an owner drop him in the 5th so I snatched him up (for some reason I’ve always liked him, not a burner but good reliable hands). I have a few options in the 2017 draft to add RB’s and then I’m feeling better about my squad.

Through 5 weeks, I’m averaging 78 ppg though my last 3 games have been averaging 89ppg, so in our scoring format it’s respectable and gives me hope for the future! I have a long way to go, many more trades to offer and time will tell what transpires for Chet Manley but I like what I’m doing so far.

And I don’t like to be a loser, so luckily enough in my other Dynasty league (Shout out to the Deflated Pig Bladders Dynasty League), I’m 4-1 there with a pretty solid team to make a run I hope!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the 1st quarter of the NFL, I know I have and I just encourage you to stay positive, know there is always a chance to make a difference to not only your dynasty team but all people around you!

Be Blessed,



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