Diary of a Dynasty Rebuild – Pt.4 “Calm Before the Storm”

Know your dynasty league…get to know and build relationships with the owners you are in the league with. The issue I run into in this 16 team league that’s been going since the late 90’s is that at this point in the off season, it’s nearly impossible to get guys to even talk about a deal let alone actually make something happen *Face Palm*.

Luckily Enough, being an owner in more than one dynasty gives me that freedom to focus on the others while prepping and studying for the draft in that league also. During this time, still jump on the sites regularly (daily is suggested) and keep in contact with your league mates. Recommend something like a groupme or mazey where you are group chatting with your league mates and being able to keep those lines of communication open (even if it’s nothing more than silly gif’s and talk about all the firings going on at the 4 letter sports station).

Researching and prepping for your rookie drafts really should never end, I like to have a google sheet going for the next year picks that give me an idea of who to try and watch games on (I’m not a scout so I won’t go crazy with the whole game film thing but do try and watch alot of college film to see how the player fits in the system they are in and such). Keep checking the dynasty sites you like to reference, I have a bookmark folder just for all the fantasy sites I like to read (26 bookmarks in total, everything from the nfl transaction report to the specific dynasty football sites and everything in between).

There is not a whole lot to say about my team at this point in the off-season though I didn’t mention that at our week 10 trade deadline last year I did sell to gain more draft capital, trading:

Phillip Dorsett for a pair of 2nds

Marqise Lee for a 2, 4 and Jared Abbredaris (adding in a player who has some minor potential as a throw in)

Robert Woods for a 2nd and a 3rd

So basically guys that I don’t have a high value on but have enough value to guys that need depth or bye-week players gives me a chance to possibly take a flyer on a guy I like more in the future.

The way to look at a true rebuild in dynasty is give yourself a true “5-Year Plan”, tell your self that I will live in dynasty purgatory for the next 5 years to be able to build the team I want to build. I started with getting my QB’s (Mariotta & Goff), taking flyers on WR’s and finding ways to add future draft capital anywhere I can (drafting a crap load of kickers and stashing them in my taxi squad). Taking my TE or TE(s) as they, like QB’s will last through my rebuild better than a WR or RB might. Years 2-3 taking flyers on guys I like that could pan out and or adding draft capital and focusing on acquiring the rookies i think make my team better. Year 4 begin to see a competitive team and hopefully (as long as you’ve been patient with your plan) by year 5 you are in the playoffs and being a team to reckon with!!!

There is no perfect way to make things happen, too many variables with owner’s values on their players or rookies values and all you can do is navigate that storm the best you can. Be diligent, send out lots of offers to get a better understanding of what your league mates see as the value of their players and yours. Take risks but know that you have to stay the course!

If there is anything I can do to help, message me here, twitter (@BradleyMenendez), email (bradley_menendez@hotmail.com) whatever works. I love to talk dynasty football, talk trades and just bask in the delicious glow of all things NFL!!!!

Take care and thanks for your time, I hope it gave you something to think about!!!


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  1. I just did this last year. Had the following among others:

    Andrew Luck
    Leveon Bell
    Michael Floyd
    Jeremy Langford
    Julian Edelman
    Zach Miller
    Will Tye
    Arian Foster
    Jared Cook
    Justin Forsett
    Carolina D

    I sold everyone except Luck and Bell (to build around them). Everyone else on the list was sold before the 2016 for a combined total of:

    2016 1.06 and 1.10 (already had 1.07), 2.08, 2.11, 3.05, 3.09, 4.05
    2017 three 3rd round picks

    With those I bought:

    Michael Thomas
    Carson Wentz
    Jordan Howard
    Kenyan Drake
    Braxton Miller
    Wendell Smallwood
    Ricardo Louis

    Jeremy McNichols
    Patrick Mahomes
    Kenny Golladay

    AND I made the playoffs in 2016! It’s a great strategy if you feel the guys you have are good but not great.


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